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Mental Abacus App & Demo Series
All-In-One Self-learning Interactive eBook!
Mental Arithmetic, originated in China as Zhusuan by means of abacus, is an ancient art of mental math. Mental Abacus is a self-learning package for fundamentals to mixed addition and subtraction, as well as multiplication and division. With the facility of illustrated tutorials and powerful step demonstrator "Abaculator", you can master the skills of abacus mental arithmetic effortlessly.

Fundamental (w. Games) Fundamental Intermediate Advanced

App Features
AudienceKidsTutors / Self-learners
Abacus Games   
Setting numbers  
Decimal Division
Rounding Pitfall
Multiplicative Pithy Formula   
Rapid Calculations 
Negative Numbers   

Powerful Elaborating Demonstrator!
Questions? No problem! Just enter any number or equation, Abaculator will show you every step with detailed description and explanation. You can adjust the settings, pause and continue whenever you need, or even switch to show set of steps for other number or equation in the middle of the demonstration.
Remark* : Settings are available in Book 2 only.
  Enter any number or equation e.g. 976.18, 37-11, 45+18-24, 78*21, 216/18
  Choose the preferable settings for multiplication or division equation
  Pause and continue the step for detailed observation at any time
  Step-by-step both hands fingering method is illustrated with explanation

Teaching in Graphics
Rather than explaining all abacus concepts and theories in words, each of them is expressed in abundant illustrations and diagrams, eliminating any language barrier, clarifying complicated idea, and simplifying difficult key point. The comprehensive tutorials contain ample examples at the same time. Each example is explained with detailed step-by-step actual procedures, even a total beginner will be able to follow!

Interactive Examples
Apart from the illustrations and diagrams for concepts and the corresponding examples, there are several embedded interactive tools to enhance the learning effectiveness. These demonstrators apply the technique learnt in the tutorials, assist in assuring the important concept in the respective aspect is well-understood.
Plenty equations are provided as examples to reinforce how the skills and techniques should be applied, as well as offering opportunity for user to practise together.
Multiplicative Pithy Formula is a very useful technique. The mechanism is to manipulate the number digit by digit, observe and examine the procedures in detail.
To observe the ultimate process of Multiplicative Pithy Formula, simply enter any number for a complete step-by-step solution, whenever you are in doubt.
Virtual Abacus Interface
Built-in virtual abacus enables you to follow the lessons and practice the two hands fingering methods on the abacus at the same time. You can follow the illustrated tutorial step, solve the examples side by side on the virtual abacus by yourself, and check with the demonstration steps provided on the page as well.
  Utilised with multi-touch on iPad allows beads driven by multi-finger gestures
  Simulated 10-rod abacus supports two-handed fingering method
  Accompanied with tutorial encourages instant practice of technique and theory
  Draggable units rod to accomodate any number length whenever necessary

Books Summary
Mental Abacus
Getting familiar with the basics and fundamentals of abacus learning:
Two hands fingering method is introduced in detail
Basics to multiple digit numbers addition and subtraction
Rapid calculations are included to enhance speed and fun
Step-by-step practising along with Virtual Abacus everywhere
Abaculator provides demonstration for any number or equation
Comprehensive learning guide with numerous examples and illustrations
Mental Abacus
Book 2
Proceeding to every aspect and skill on intermediate abacus topics:
Two hands fingering method fosters right brain functions
Decimal to multi-digit multiplication with abundant examples
Learning the fast calculation technique - Multiplicative Pithy Formula
Full analysis and details on Quotient Estimate Methods of Divison
Dealing with all sorts of Division Revisions thoroughly
Abaculator with settings, drives beads and explains every step
Mental Abacus
Book 3
In-depth studies on advanced abacus topics:
All kinds of Vedic Maths Tricks (Multiplication)
Multiplicative Pithy Formula Tricks
Abacus Decimal Division
Rounding to the nearest hundredth Pitfall
Dealing with Negative Numbers on Abacus
Abaculator auto determines the best rapid calculation method
Two hands fingering method fosters right brain functions
Assists in achieving the ultimate aim of abacus training, transforming visualized beads move on imaginary abacus and getting rid of the substantial abacus

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Abacus is well-known for intelligence cultivation. Since learning Abacus usually involves theories and a great deal of exercises, in order to achieve the ultimate aim of mental arithmetic. While there is a short concentration span in children, most of the parents prefer to guide and learn with their children.

Mind Maths encourages children to acquire the knowledge through a series of interactive lessons, and attain fruitful drillings and exercises via games, getting rid of the dullness at the same time. It is widely adopted in local schools and welcomed by parents and children as the first step on the road to Abacus.

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