Both hands fingering
Single hand fingering

Single hand uses right hand only, it starts when abacus is first originated, and it is an ancient way of using abacus.

Two hands fingering is a simple, straight-forward and modern approach to abacus. It is developed in recent years, and it is widely adopted in many countries and institutions.

The main difference between single hand and both hands fingering is that both hands method is proved to be more efficient in activating right brain.

Way to learn proper fingering

With Abaculator (embedded in Mental Abacus Series), a sequence of step-by-step detailed fingering demonstration will be shown by either typing any number or entering any question.

Ways to speed up abacus learning

To attain abacus proficiency, abundant exercises are required. Users can find various types of both online exercises and offline quiz papers with full range of options in Abacus & Mind Maths Trainer Series.

To avoid boring exercises for children, Mind Maths is perfect for drillings in joyful games.

Abacus Mental Sublimation

The ultimate aim of Mental Abacus is to get rid of abacus once the skill is mastered.

The prerequisite for raising skills to mental level is the abacus proficiency.

Practice makes perfect. Exercises reinforce skills and memory.

Abacus Mental Sublimation Steps

1. Practice with actual fingering on an abacus hard-copy, it is the first step to put away physical abacus, and should only be used as a transitional stage for about two weeks.

2. Practice with actual fingering on an abacus without beads hard-copy, it is the recommended method for generating mental abstract imagery of an abacus.

3. Practice with actual fingering on a virtual abacus mental image, once the virtual image of abacus is formed eventually, abacus will no longer be necessary.

Download Hard-copy for Abacus Mental Sublimation

Difference between various Abacus Learning Apps

Complete Abacus Self-learning Package includes:

Mind Maths teaches kids fundamental abacus skills (Addition and Subtraction) through games and interactive tutorials.

Mental Abacus focuses on Addition and Subtraction, best for tutors or self-learners.

Mental Abacus Book 2 includes Multiplication and Division, best for tutors or self-learners.

Mental Aabacus Book 3 introduces Vedic maths, Negative numbers, best for tutors or self-learners.

Difference between various Abacus Training Apps

Mind Maths Trainer focuses on Flash Anzan and Aural Exercises.

Abacus Trainer aims at Abacus Additon and Subtraction.

Abacus Trainer 2 targets Abacus Multiplication .

Abacus Trainer 3 includes Abacus Division and Negative numbers.

HF Multiplication Trainer provides all kinds of exercises and working steps including decimals, as well as various games.

HF Division Trainer includes all sorts of exercises and working steps even for remainders and decimals, as well as interesting games.

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