Thumbtack Painter Plus, one of our creative series kit apps, enables children to create, share and save their ideas and drawings. They can make their very own picture gallery by manipulating mushroom men of plenty colours, and special effect tools. It encourages children to express their unique creativity and imagination by painting and organizing little mushrooms design on the cloud board in the sky!
A great variety of colourful thumbtacks are available to assist the visualization of kids' fancy imagination. Children can paint the cloud board with whatever colour of mushroom men they like by the simplest drag-and-drop method.
Apart from system pre-defined colours, children can pick any colour to every mushroom tack by simply adjusting the red, green and blue respectively. The mushroom tacks can also be assigned to different shapes with various fun patterns.
Custom colours and patterns.
Shape: Change all mushroom shapes.
Paper Layout: Shift background pattern.
Pattern: A series of patterns can be applied by tapping repeatedly on it.
Colour Wizard: Randomly pick a mushroom colour.
Make your mushrooms look special.
Mirror: Flip the picture in differect direction.
Rotate: Turning on and off the rolling effect on thumbtack.
Size: Toggle the size by tapping on a specific mushroom thumbtack.
Shade Flip: Toggle mushroom colour with its shade.
Further enrich your creativity!
Gallery: Own your artistic thumbtack gallery.
Night Dance: Glowing mushrooms dancing altogether at night.
ThumbtackZilla: Make random swipes on the picture.
Rainbow Mushroom: Hidden bonus for rainbow colour animation.
Every drawing can be exported to an image file and shared by tapping camera button, and a personal creative work gallery can be established.
Sharing function is enabled to allow children sharing their pictures to each other, enhancing the joy of creation.
Children can send to friends by simply clicking Camera button, and the file is automatically attached in Email or to popular social networks.

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