Multiplication Trainer and Division Trainer are designed specifically for children to master Times Table through speed listening, practise multiplication and division skills via funny reinforcement games, step demonstrator and customised drilling methods.


*Right Brain Super Memory Secret
*Speed Listening, the Latest Effective Learning Method
*Easiest Way to master Multiplication & Division
*Arouse & Activate Right Brain Functions
*Customise own set of quiz and exercise
*Reports keeping track of the learning progress
*Quiz paper generated in PDF format
*Answer paper generated with/without steps in specific calculation direction
*Child-friendly Numpad Input Interface embedded

Quiz Challenge & Aural Test 
Question generator provides a whole range of options that can be flexibly selected to fit the drilling needs. The immense pool and combination of questions greatly enhance the learning interest. Aural Test in English / Español is available. 
Basic Quiz Challenge
 Mainly focus on multiplier / divisor of 2 to 12, while user can choose to challenge any length of multiplicand / dividend digits, ranged from 1 to 5. 
Advanced Quiz Challenge
 Now practise multiplication / division skills of any multiplicand and multiplier / dividend and divisor, from 1 to 5 digits, with or without decimals. 

Speed Listening (5 speeds in English / Español)  
Begin the magical speed listening memorisation trick! Adjust the speed according to your level, and start times table flash cards rhythm listening of any number. Gradually increase the speed to the highest level, stay focused and let the miracle happen!  

Step Demonstrator 
Illustrate in step-by-step details to solve any multiplication or division question. The desired direction of multiplication calculation can be set to either "Right to Left" or "Left to Right" as well. Step-by-step to find out the quotient of the division question.  
Interactive Games 
Various games help children to reinforce the multiplication times table as well as division skills in a funny way. At the same time, games attract children interests and encourage them to practise the techniques learnt in different ways.  
Learning Progress  
Family-friendly feature is supported. Up to four users can enjoy, share and compete in the app on the same device together, each with different avatar, and every user profile including report and badge details will be recorded correspondingly.  
Reporting System
Either in quiz challenge or games, the user performance, score and every detail will be recorded in reports, which is very useful in monitoring the learning progress.

The report records assist user to find out the strength and weakness, a customised approach in specific training can be derived as a result.
Badge Awards
Based on the game scores, user will be awarded with a badge. It motivates children to get higher score in the games, maximising the learning effect at the same time.  
Exercise Generator 
As a member of Trainer Series, a comprehensive PDF quiz generator containing a great variety of options to suit needs of different levels is certainly included. In addition, detailed reports are provided to monitor the learning progress.

Quiz papers can be customised by making different combinations on the number of multiplicand and multiplier / dividend and divisor digits, as well as the number of decimals. Answer Papers can be selected with or without detailed steps.
For Multiplication
 Quiz papers can be customised with corresponding answers with/without steps in the desired direction of calculation ("Right to Left" or "Left to Right").
Multiplication Trainer Exercise Samples:
5-digit Multiplicand with 1 decimal
x 4-digit Multiplier with 2 decimals
Answer with right to left step details
2-digit Multiplicand x 5-digit Multiplier Answer with left to right step details
For Division
 Questions can be customised with/without remainder, answers papers can be additionally generated with/without steps.
Division Trainer Exercise Samples:
5-digit Dividend with 2 decimals
÷ 4-digit Divisor with 1 decimal (with Remainder)
Answer with step details
3-digit Dividend ÷ 2-digit Divisor (without Remainder) Answer without step details
FeaturesMultiplication TrainerDivision Trainer
Multi-Speed Times Table Listening
English, Español

English, Español
Reinforcement Games
Challenge Mode
(Basic & Advanced)
Aural Question Option
English, Español

English, Español
Multiplicative Pithy Formula
Demonstration (details introduced
in Mental Abacus Book 2)
Decimal Numbers
Vertical Method
Horizontal MethodRefer to
Abacus Trainer 2
Refer to
Abacus Trainer 3
Step-by-Step Demostrator
Calculation Direction Option
(Right to Left / Left to Right)
Quiz Paper PDF Maker
Report and Record