Best Maths Tutorial for Grade 1-3

Junior Maths (Focuses + Exercises)  English Dubbed & Subbed
Junior Maths helps children to learn mathematics key concepts, and it is made in accordance with junior mathematics syllabus (Grade 1-3).

Besides essential knowledge, every lesson highlights specific skill focuses, provides abundant tips and tricks. Children would be equipped with various ingenious calculation methods in straight forward focal tutorials.

Maths Progressive Lessons
8 fully illustrated lessons provide various tips and tricks, teach children with focuses and essential knowledge in every topic.

Chapter 1

Characteristics of Numbers:
Find out the relationship between numbers, understanding the interesting inside pattern serves a good foundation for basic arithmetic operations.

Chapter 2

Addition and Deduction Tricks:
Maths questions can be solved in more than one method. These method are not only quick but also amusing. Children are able to infer other means and think in different aspects as well.

Chapter 3

What is a Multiple?
Multiplication Table is an important concept in Mathematics. This lesson will reveal the secret relationships among the multiples, helping children to memorise the Times Tables at ease.

Chapter 4

Multiplication Tricks:
Study the fascinating property of multiples to solve multiplication. Learn the open-mouthed techniques of vedic multiplication that benefit for a lifetime.

Chapter 5

Divisibility and Remainder:
Observe the particular patterns in divisibility, everyone is able to determine remainder in a flash. It helps greatly in solving division beyond question.

Chapter 6

Fast Answer Checking:
It is not only time consuming but also boring to do the question all over again to confirm the answer. Let’s learn the quickest verification method!

Chapter 7

Introduction to 3D shape:
Discover them in everyday life, every shape has different characteristic. Fully understand their special relationship is a key to geometry operations in the future.

Chapter 8

Measure & Metric:
Metric system is explained in the simplest way. With abundant daily life examples, it helps to provide a clear idea, and distinguish them clearly from each other.

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