Thumbtack Painter, one of our creative series kit apps, enables children to create, share and save their ideas and drawings. They can make their very own picture gallery by manipulating mushroom men of plenty colours, and special effect tools. It encourages children to express their unique creativity and imagination by painting and organizing little mushrooms design on the cloud board in the sky!
A great variety of colourful thumbtacks are available to assist the visualization of kids' fancy imagination. Children can paint the cloud board with whatever colour of mushroom men they like by the simplest drag-and-drop method.
Every mushroom man can be arranged in different size. They can be enlarged or shrunk back by repeatedly tapping on it after the tool is selected.
Each mushroom man has a little secret, which is the capability to show in different pattern by repeatedly tapping on it after the button is chosen.
Turn off the light and enjoy the dancing of lively glowing mushroom men in the night!
Every drawing can be exported to an image file stored in Photo Album by tapping camera button, and a personal creative work gallery can be established.
Kids can send their drawing via email simply at a tap of button, encouraging them to show and share their works and designs with friends and parents.
Post your drawing to your Facebook Wall, or publish your works on Thumbtack Painter Facebook Wall to share your creativity with others all over the world.
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Category: Creative Arts
Language: English
Device: Apple iPad
Suitable for All Ages
Last Updated: Aug-2013