Mental Abacus Tutorial App Series
Go for Right Brain Development
Mind Maths Mind Maths Trainer
Abacus learning package tailor-made for children to learn mental arithmetic through step by step demonstration of techniques and concepts in 9 interactive tutorials, and to do abacus drillings in 7 entertaining games.

Mind Maths Trainer is a question generator provides popping up questions (Flash Anzan) and audio listening calculation (Aural Test). It targets on specific FOUR abacus addition and FOUR abacus subtraction techniques. Reports for tracking test results, exercises and answers in PDFs are available.

Mental Abacus
Book 1
Mental Abacus
Book 2
Self-learning package for abacus fundamentals to mixed addition and subtraction. Fully illustrated tutorials and powerful step demonstrator serve effortless path to abacus mental skills.

Complete focus on abacus multiplication and division. Book 1 and Book 2, together with the powerful demonstration kit “Abaculator”, comprise a must-have guide for abacus self-study.

Mental Abacus
Book 3
A bible on vedic mathematics tricks for fast calculations. Additional ways to help exercise and keep our brains agile. Further to Book 2, specific abacus pitfalls are included too.

Abacus Trainer Abacus Trainer 2
All-in-one question generator made in accord with the Abacus skills acquired in addition and subtraction. Reports for tracking test results, exercises and answers in PDFs are available.

Comprehensive exercise generator on Rapid calculation techniques. Users can keep track of quiz results in report. Offline exercises with answers are ready in PDFs.

Abacus Trainer 3
A question generator focusing on the skills acquired in division and negative numbers. Users are able to practise on every aspect of abacus division, decimals and rounding techniques learnt in Book 2, as well as negative numbers learnt in Book 3.

Learn and Play - Game Apps
Enjoy in Daily Learning Life
Thumbtack Painter Plus
Foster unique creativity and imagination in children by painting little mushrooms design on the cloud board in the sky. All sorts of tools and effects are available with unlimited choice of colour.

A PlayGround at Home - PC Game
Learning Together with Fun
Maths Family
In accordance with mathematics syllabus, children would be equipped with various ingenious calculation methods from tailor-made games and straight forward multimedia tutorials. Multiplayer mode is supported to allow whole family to play together for more learning fun, or versus AI for more challenge.

Creative King
A set of powerful drawing tools, comprises comprehensive drawing board with numerous tools and effects, comics storyboard making, arts classroom with tutorials on elements and principles of art fundamentals, recycling workshop, inspiring talents in children and cultivating their art of the imagination.

Animal Melody
A musical educational software, designed for children. Integrated with interactive tutorials, music theory games and highlighted music composition either by piano or staff, encourage children to explore and create their own songs, enhancing their interest to learn music in an interesting way.

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